Mediterranean… a word which immediately makes people think of crystal-clear sea waters and sandy beaches, harmonious olive orchards and pleasant climate, historically rich and friendly touristic destinations. For others the same word might be connected instead with the recent dramas of human migration or unsolved conflicts. The Mediterranean basin is indeed one of the most exploited parts of the World, and often considered as the cradle of Western civilization and a veritable melting pot of different cultures. Seldom, if ever, this region is considered related to an idea of wild nature.
Very few people know that whales and seals roam its waters, nor that wolves and bears explore some of its most secluded beaches searching for food. Even less people are aware of the incredible set of endemic species that can be found nowhere else in the World, or of the spectacular migrations taking place each spring and autumn.
Sadly, all these aspects and the “wild side” of the Mediterranean are often neglected. Therefore there is an urgency to tell broad public the amazing story of its lingering wilderness, through the perspective both of its natural and human history.
Our goal is to celebrate the stunning variety of species, habitats and landscapes which are featured in this wonderful region of the Planet, without forgetting to assess the human impact which undermines their longterm survival. And this to raise awareness about the essential challenges we need to face to preserve the Mediterranean diversity for the future.